About WorkSquish

When you sign up for WorkSquish, you link your online classrooms and to-do apps, and then set the times you want WorkSquish to check for new assignments. Once you've done that, you're all set - WorkSquish will automatically import due assignments into your connected to-do apps (each assignment is only imported once to avoid duplicates.)

WorkSquish is completely free to use, and you can unlink your accounts and delete WorkSquish whenever you'd like.

WorkSquish needs certain permissions in order to work. For instance, we need permission to view your Google Classroom classes and assignments in order to fetch them, and we need permission to read your Google Tasks lists and add new tasks in order to save your assignments. Applications like Trello and Todoist don't allow us such fine control over permissions, which is why we have to ask for complete read and write access - it's the only way to get the permissions we need. Rest assured that we will never abuse the permissions you give us or use them for any purpose beyond that set out in our Terms of Service. You can remove the permissions you give us at any time on our homepage, but please note that the permissions may still show up on the linked app's control panel until you remove them there as well.

WorkSquish was created with JavaScript and Python, and uses a combination of Google Cloud Platform and Firebase as a backend.

Thank you for using WorkSquish! If you have any questions, you can email us at support@worksquish.com.